Mozilla launches new Firefox badges so you can evangelise for your favourite browser

Mozilla has announced that it has launched a new selection of website badges that anyone can add to their own site in order to promote Mozilla’s Firefox web browser. The initiative is reminiscent of the badges that the firm created as part of the Spread Firefox campaign around a decade ago when it was much more widely used.

Mozilla has introduced five new badges that can come with embed code for your website making it easy to evangelise for the open source browser. Three of the badges contain text reading “Developers for Firefox”, another says “I use Firefox”, while the last one reads “Fast, for good.” You can see how each of the new badges look below.

With these badges, Mozilla is using a utm_source parameter to check how many download requests come from the badges, it said the images are only being hosted on a Mozilla CDN for better performance. The firm also clarified that it doesn’t track traffic to its CDN.

If you don’t like the selection of badges that Mozilla has on offer, you are free to use your own. The firm did specify one caveat, however, and that was to make sure you “don’t trick people into going to the download page without them knowing what’s going on.” Obviously, if some zealots begin to trick users into downloading Firefox, this could look bad for Mozilla.

Hopefully, these badges will help in some small part to restoring Firefox to its former glory on market share charts. Taking into account desktop, mobile, and tablet, StatCounter reports that Firefox has just 5.03% of the market lagging behind Chrome, Safari, and UC Browser. Its worldwide desktop share has also collapsed to just 10.94% from 31.64% at the start of the decade.

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