Mozilla Releases Firefox 1.0 RC1

You heard it here first folks! Mozilla has finally posted the first Firefox 1.0 release candidate on their FTP servers. This could very well be the last official release of Firefox before the big 1.0 launch date on November 9th.

If your favorite extensions are broken because of the version change, supernova_00 lets us know of a way to get them working again:

Open /%appdata%/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/randomname/extensions/Extensions.rdf

Change all instances of maxVersion="0.10" to maxVersion="1.0"


* Application Update! (see update in read more)

* Find toolbar, which received quite a few bug fixes.

* Gecko and website rendering -- we took a few significant layout/css fixes.

* Migration from other browsers on first run (You can just rename your profile directory to trigger migration.)

* Single window mode (load all pop-ups in new tabs,) set in the Advanced panel of the browser Options/Preferences window.

* Focus interaction between tabs, which was changed to fix several security vulnerabilities.

Download: Mozilla Firefox 1.0 Release Candidate 1

View: Firefox 1.0 RC1 Changelog

View: Found a Bug? Submit it to Bugzilla

View: Firefox Release Candidate Discussion

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