Mozilla Thunderbird approaching 1.0, help wanted

With all the hoopla about the impending Firefox 1.0 release, its notable to point out that Firefox's e-mail companion software, Thunderbird, will be releasing at 1.0 the same time as Firefox.

To help in this task, the Mozilla group is asking users of Outlook, Eudora, Mozilla, Outlook Express, and Communicator, to join the chat room, channel #mozillazine this Tuesday, and help them in a day of testing the Thunderbird migration system. Their goal: squash as many migration bugs as possible to make the 1.0 program as easy as possible for people moving from their current e-mail clients.

People of varied versions, operating systems, and setups are wanted. In the end, all the problems will be filed on Bugzilla to be fixed by Thunderbird developers.

Their secondary goal is to show users of other clients how easy and wonderful Thunderbird is. (ed: I just switched two days ago from Outlook, so I can't be of much help except to say it was flawless.) If you're not ready to make the jump yet, they still need your help, just trash it all when you're done.

News source: MozillaZine

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