MS chief reveals Xbox 2 development secrets

On the morning after Microsoft's exclusive E3 drinks reception in Hollywood, where the likes of Allard, Peter Moore, Shane Kim and the European Xbox team mixed with a handful of sweaty hacks, the Xbox creator was in an open mood when we spoke with him. He discussed the current state of play for the Xbox business and beyond, offering insights into next-gen software development and how it will change the way we experience videogames.

When asked if, aside from the XNA demonstrations we've already seen, he had been privy to next-gen demonstrations, he said: 'There's some stuff that's just knocked my socks off.

'The thing we're looking at in the next generation is just an unbelievable amount of raw computing power - the architecture will be much more specialised,' he added.

'Right now you have your audio chip and your graphics chip and your CPU, and you're constantly trying to figure out the balances. In the next generation we're gonna have so much silicon, so much raw computing horsepower - developers are going to be able to use this in interesting and exciting ways.'

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