MS02-005 is finally here

Thanks Alex Boge, and sirhardi for notifying us about this.

This is a cumulative patch that, when installed, eliminates all previously discussed security vulnerabilities affecting IE 5.01, 5.5 and IE 6. In addition, it eliminates the following six newly discovered vulnerabilities:

  • A buffer overrun vulnerability associated with an HTML directive that's used to incorporate a document within a web page. By creating a web page that invokes the directive using specially selected attributes, an attacker could cause code to run on the user's system.
  • A vulnerability associated with the GetObject scripting function. Before providing a handle to an operating system object, GetObject performs a series of security checks to ensure that the caller has sufficient privileges to it. However, by requesting a handle to a file using a specially malformed representation, it would be possible to bypass some of these checks, thereby allowing a web page to complete an operation that should be prevented, namely, reading files on the computer of a visiting user's system.
  • A vulnerability related to the display of file names in the File Download dialogue box. When a file download from a web site is initiated, a dialogue provides the name of the file and lets the user choose what action to take. However, a flaw exists in the way HTML header fields (specifically, the Content-Disposition and Content-Type fields) are handled. This flaw could make it possible for an attacker to misrepresent the name of the file in the dialogue, in an attempt to trick a user into opening or saving an unsafe file.
Download: Patch

View: Microsoft TechNet - Security Bulletin MS02-005

View: Microsoft TechNet - Security Bulletin MS01-058

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