MSN Calendar no longer free

Another service you got to pay for soon: MSN Calendar. This sucks, or do we ave to be gratefull we could use this services for free for all this time and at Microsoft is now trying to make money the old economy way. "There's no such thing as a free lunch"

Dear MSN® Calendar user,

We regret to inform you that MSN Calendar will no longer be available as a free service as of June 25, 2003. Please note that this will NOT impact your MSN® Hotmail® account, only your MSN Calendar account.

A better MSN Calendar will continue to be available as one of the many great features of MSN 8 - the Internet subscription software built on advanced Microsoft® technology that makes the Web more useful every day. With MSN 8, you'll have access to the best calendar experience yet - with smart new features like offline accessibility, colorful stickers to help you personalize special appointments such as birthdays or anniversaries, and the ability to synchronize appointments with a Pocket PC. Additionally, the new MSN Calendar available only with MSN 8 has easy appointment editing, color-coding to distinguish your personal and business appointments and scheduled events, four great print views (for daily, weekly, monthly, and tasks) and much more.

To take advantage of all the great features of MSN 8 and to continue using the new and improved MSN Calendar, you must sign up for MSN 8 by June 25, 2003. Otherwise, your MSN Calendar information will not be accessible and will be deleted for your protection.

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