MSN Messenger Accounts Bombed, Microsoft Silent

Thanks RichardY who sent us this via email.

There has been a bombing/attacking targeted at many MSN Messenger users going on for days. The DOS attacks have received little or no media attention.

The bomb works this way: when you sign in to messenger, a huge number of invalid and unverified email addresses try to add you to their contact list. If you allow them to do so, there will be 2000+ contacts end up in your allowed list (which renders your account useless). If you block them, it not only take ages also they all end up in your reverse list. If you ignore (cancel) them, they will appear next time you sign in. Please note we are not talking 3 or 4 unverified users added you to their list, we are talking thousands! Just imagine thousands of windows popping up each time you login!

Microsoft has not acknowledged this problem, and there's currently no solution to this attack. More and more MSN Messenger users are suffering, yet it seems to be a well kept secret.

The above information was obtained at microsoft.public.msn.messenger newsgroup where people are talking about what MS are going to do to stop it.

View: Victim of attack (Thanks to fubar for the pic)

News source: Neowin

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