Mugen Power begins selling a larger HTC Titan battery

If you own the HTC Titan smartphone and you have encountered a lack of battery on your handset, a company has begun to sell a larger aftermarket battery that can be used instead. The company, Mugen Power, sells larger capacity batteries for smartphones.

You may remember Tim Schiesser's review of the HTC Titan from late October. In the review, Tim praised the Titan's existing battery life, observing up to 48 hours of battery with normal usage, despite the large 4.7" display that gives the phone its name. By standard, the Titan has a 1,600mAh battery but the Mugen battery steps this up with 1,950mAh. It might not sound like a lot on paper, but the company claims it will last 1.22 times the length of the standard battery before requiring a charge.

Retailing at 44.95USD, the battery could be quite expensive for all the increased capacity it offers but it could be ideal for those who travel a lot or do not always have access to a charging port. According to the website, the battery is out of stock at the moment and will not ship until December 30th.

For those who may not have heard of Mugen Power, the company is not to be confused with Mugen Power; an aftermarket tuning company that specializes in modifying Honda cars. The HLI-X310ESL battery that the company sells is also notable for being a 'slim-line' option, meaning it will fit into the phone's original bay without causing a bulge or requiring a new battery cover.


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