Multiplicity 1.01

Stardock has released Multiplicity 1.01. Multiplicity is a program that enables users to take multiple computers in their office and put them together to use as a single computing platform.

Multiplicity works by having a single primary computer along with multiple secondary machines. Each computer has its own monitor connected to it but only the primary computer has a keyboard and mouse connected to it. When the user moves their mouse off the edge of one monitor and onto the monitor connected to another machine, the user is then controlling that machine. It works similarly to a multi-monitor setup except that each monitor is on its own computer.

Multiplicity provides a universal clipboard between machines for copying of graphics and text to enable each computer to work more seamlessly together. Stardock also makes Multiplicity Pro which adds the ability to copy files back and forth between computers using copy/paste from Explorer.

Multiplicity is popular with users who have multiple computers and want to use them together (software developers, power users, MMORPG players, graphics designers, IT specialists, tech support, administrators).

What makes Multiplicity compelling is its easy setup, seamless and reliable functionality, support for full-screen games, strong clipboard support and usability features.

Version 1.01 adds hotkey support for jumping back to the primary PC, an option to have inactive machines have their screens faded, smart tracking of mouse at screen corners, and more.

Download: Multiplicity 1.01

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