Multiplicity 2 Beta

For users that run multiple computers, Multiplicity 2 is an application that gives those users the ability to control and switch between them using use one keyboard and mouse. This lets users eliminate extra keyboard/mouse setups, and enhanced productivity as Multiplicity allows data transfer between PC's, among many other features. Multiplicity 2 is a huge update and brings many new features along with enhancements to existing features. Multiplicity 2 is in beta and is free for everyone to use.

New in Multiplicity 2:

  • Simple setup - Just enter the secondary PC name and passcode and you are connected
  • Centralized audio - Centralize audio from all of your connected PCs to a single one.
  • Data transfer - Copy/paste text, images, and other files between your PCs. Support for drag and dropping of files/folders has also been added.
  • Data security - User data is AES-256 encrypted for additional security especially in work environments.
  • Send keyboard input to all computers - Press CTRL three times and MP2 sends keyboard inputs to all connected PCs.
  • Control up to 9 PCs - Full version of MP2 can control up to 8 secondary computers, along with the primary machine

Multiplicity 2 is currently in beta and up to one additional PC can be controlled.

Download: Multiplicity 2 (Beta) | Free (controls 1 additional PC)
View: Multiplicity 2 website

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