Music service Megabox to launch this year

Back in June, we reported that MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom tweeted that he's creating a music service that could turn the industry upside down. He has posted a new tweet stating that Megabox will be launched this year.

Yes... Megabox is also coming this year ;-)

The new music service could revolutionize the music industry because it will allow artist to sell their music direct to the customers. Furthermore, artist are allowed to keep 90 percent of their earnings and will also be paid for free music, thanks to a new business model called Megakey, according to Dotcom's guest post at Torrent Freak earlier this year. Popular music services such as the iTunes and Amazon MP3 use different models, with standard pricing schemes and record labels acting as an intermediary. Some artists have already showed some interest in Dotcom's new venture.

Also interesting is a previous tweet by Dotcom, claiming that file sharing website MegaUpload will return this year after it was taken down by U.S. authorities.

I know what you are all waiting for. It’s coming. This year. Promise. Bigger. Better. Faster. 100% Safe & Unstoppable.

Kim Schmitz, Dotcom's real name, was arrested in January this year and accused of copyright infringement and fraud in relation to MegaUpload. He has been released on bail since February because the court of New Zealand rescheduled his extradition hearing to March 2013, due to the way the police gathered evidence and handled his arrest.

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