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Muslim Massacre game pulled, along with a genuine apology?

Muslim Massacre is a game which puts players in control of a soldier whose mission it is to rid the world of every last Muslim. Nice. The Internet-only game caused controversy amongst the Muslim population and has now been pulled from the website. In its place is a grovelling apology from the creator of the game. But is it genuine or merely some cowardly backtracking?

Last week saw Muslim Massacre get some mainstream and very public attention after it became an Internet meme. What started as a forum post pointing people towards the game turned in to a media circus, with newspapers and websites all around the world attacking the idea of the game and its creator, Sigvatr.

The game was Web-only, with poor graphics, and so really shouldn't have got the amount of attention it did. Unfortunately, the subject matter was such that it was always bound to grab the headlines. While some believed it was intended as a parody of American foreign policy, others believed it to be just a downright sick game likely to add to the problem of Islamophobia.

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