MySpace bug hunt off to a slow start

The duo that call themselves Mondo Armando and Müstaschio have kicked off their first month of MySpace vulnerabilities, with what they acknowledge as a slow start. The first problem, credited to mybeNi websecurity, involves URL spoofing where an attacker could build an official-looking MySpace page using MySpaces CSS editing features thats designed to solicit a persons log-in details. "Note, its a pretty light one, seeing how today is Sunday, and we dont really expect the crack MySpace Security Squad to actually do a lot of code changes on Sunday. So, we went with one they probably dont care about, and isnt terribly dangerous on its own."

The hackers have said they picked MySpace for their project for its high number of users. The hackers have informed MySpace of the project, they said. MySpace has frequently been targeted by hackers since a single compromised account can open a door to potentially hundreds of thousands of other users, which can be targeted with spam or infected with malicious code.

News source: InfoWorld

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