MySql Front Version 2.3 available

One of the best (if not the best) free GUI Frontends for MySQL.

Here's what's new in this release:

  • Export tables now with option "complete inserts", which also exports field names
  • Added option-button "Stop on errors in batch-mode" to query-tabsheet. Now normally MySQL-Front doesn't stop on MySQL-errors if you run a SQL-script. When this option is turned on, execution of the SQL-batch is stopped if an error occurs.
  • Added buttons and a combobox for browsing to previous and next where-filters for the data-tabsheet
  • Improvements:
    • Added Tooltip and changed icon for "Run-SQL"-buttons
    • Renamed Revoke-Privileges-button into "Delete User", when a user is selected
    • Changed the bottom-pagecontrol to have its tabsheets above, rather than on the left
    • Moved query-toolbar back again to the top of the query-tabsheet.
    • Changed internal SQL-export methods to use API-function mysql_use_result instead of mysql_store_result, which greatly improves performance on large tables. As a positive side-effect, this protects the mysql-connection from being terminated, as the result-sets are not being buffered at first.
    • Export options now are stored in registry
    • When adding a new field, the default-position for the field is after the currently selected field
    • Limit values for data tabsheet are now stored in registry. Many many users asked for this feature. However, it is also possible to change the options "View data by default limited" and the value of how many records are selected in the preferences window.
    • Improved ODBC import functions for better recognizing of date/datetime-fields, varchar-fields and enum-fields
    • Added 5 quick-filters to the context-menu of the datagrid ("Field = ?", "Field > ?"), on which the user is prompted for a value
  • Bugfixes:
    • SET-fields can now be filled with data even when the field-definition has some 'int'-strings in it. In previous versions this caused the datagrid to accept only integer-values.
    • Exporting NULL-values now works correctly - in previous versions they were exported as an empty string ('').
    • Fixed stylesheet in exported html-file
    • Fixed display-bug with double-quotes in SQL-memos
    • Eliminated some memory-leaks
    • Fixed bug with annoying data-tabsheet disappearing
    • Fixed bug with mousewheel-scrolling on DBGrids
    • Fixed trouble with enum-fields which have brackets '(' or ')' in definition
    • Fixed bug with toggling wordwrap-mode for BLOB-editor on Windows XP
    News source: MySql Front webpage

    Download: MySql Front v2.3 (1Mb)

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