Napster to relaunch before Christmas

Napster is to relaunch before Christmas offering both subscription and free services. Napster 2.0 will allow users access to up to 500,000 tracks by paying for individual downloads or a monthly subscription. Napster has signed agreements with the five major record labels as well as the top independents. In a statement, the company said the service will offer music by artists from Eminem and Miles Davis to the Dixie Chicks and Bob Marley. Chris Corog, chairman and CEO of Roxio Inc, the new owners of the service, said, "Napster 2.0 is being built from the ground up to reflect the essence of independence and innovation that the brand is known for.

"Consumers want flexibility, and for the first time they will not have to choose between downloads or subscriptions. "Napster 2.0 will allow music fans to do both, putting the power where it belongs - in the hands of consumers." Started by college student Shawn Fanning as a way to connect like-minded music fans so they could share songs for free over the internet, Napster filed for bankruptcy last year.

News source: DanceFrontDoor

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