NASCAR racing team using Windows 8 app to win races

We've already reported that NASCAR recently launched its official Windows 8 app, but that app is made mainly for fans of stock car racing to keep up with the latest news on their favorite sport. Now it turns out a NASCAR racing team is using its own custom Windows 8 app to help it win races.

The Windows Business blog reports that Toyota Racing Development has created a Windows 8 app that will be used by its North American racing teams, which includes the RAB NASCAR Racing team. The app allows a team's drivers and crew members to view lap times and other performance stats with a tablet device instead of a much more bulky laptop. The Trackside app also lets crew chiefs view the lap times of other competing racers on the track.

Microsoft adds:

The crew chief uses the Trackside app to input performance data on a Windows 8-powered tablet inside the garage or on the team’s race car carrier/machine shop, also known as a hauler, during practice runs, and passes the tablet to the driver to allow for fast and easy communication on performance. Using the Trackside app to clarify communications among the race team helps everyone quickly make performance adjustments to the car to maximize practice sessions, which ultimately improves the chance of winning.

The app will make its official debut for RAB Racing during the Daytona 500 in February 2013.

Source: Windows Business blog | Image via Toyota Racing Development

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