NCsoft "actively developing" for consoles - but not Xbox 360

Korea-based online gaming giant NCsoft is preparing to launch titles on next-generation consoles. NCsoft is behind some of the world's largest massive multiplayer online games such as Lineage, City of Heroes and Guild Wars. Until now they have focused only on PC games. However, Kim - who is founder and president as well as CEO of the firm - openly confirmed that the company is now "actively developing" for next-generation consoles, which he considers key to building the firm up in markets outside Korea.

Kim did not discuss specifics of the company's development work on next-generation consoles, nor did he reveal which platforms the firm is working on - but sources close to NCsoft's European division revealed that Xbox 360 is not part of the company's plans at the moment, suggesting that the PS3 is the target platform for NCsoft's first console titles.

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