NeoBytes :) Microsoft celebrates Super Mario Brothers day with a Ninja Cat easter egg

NeoBytes :) is an occasional feature that takes a step back from the big headlines, to take a look at what else is happening in the vast, scary expanse of the tech world - often with a cynical eye, always with a dose of humour.

Super Mario Brothers recently celebrated its 30th anniversary since its birth on the original NES, or the Nintendo Entertainment System. The legacy video game character, together with his brother Luigi, has seen its evolution from 8-bit style gaming, up to today's high-definition.

Speaking of 8-bit, not only Nintendo commemorated this historic event in the world of gaming, but Microsoft also has its share, utilizing its newest mascot, the Ninja Cat with its trusty steed along the way.

Visitors of Microsoft's website are in for a little treat, by pressing up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right and then B and A (yes, that's the Konami code) on your keyboard. This will then make the website work its hidden magic. The Ninja Cat riding a T-rex will walk across your screen, dropping, or should we say pooping, coins as they go.

Now drag one of the coins (or even the Ninja Cat, as we have tested) inside the slot that says "Insert coin to play." The user will now be greeted with a message stating, "Microsoft wishes you a happy 8-bit day!" Images will be presented soon after, that when clicked, will give further information about the games that have been considered classics all throughout the years, like Pacman, Donkey Kong, Legend of Zelda, among many others.

It is worth noting that the easter egg only works on Microsoft's U.S. website, which can be found here.

Thanks +Ian S. for the tip!

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