NeoGamr goes adfree!

Well we tried going with a gaming advertiser and that didnt really work out. For May and June the income was less than what a Tier 2 subscription would cost

So for the time being at least, there wont be any adverts on NeoGamr. You are not seeing things, there are really no ads.

Some things to take from this, how quickly NeoGamr loads, is what you get on Neowin from a Tier 2 subscription. Tier 2 subscription does already cover NeoGamr, but you pay for Neowin primarily (additional forums), so were not screwing our Tier 2 subscribers here.

Traffic to the site isnt great, for the last two months its at about 500k unique impressions.

I will be looking into serving ads on the site, but only if its worth it.

Additionally, those that use ad blockers, please keep that to yourself, it isnt nice to gloat ;) and heres some proof that were willing to concede that showing ads isnt always the smartest option.

NeoGamr, can be offset by Neowin for a bit, but as you might agree, were not making a dime off running that site (and still paying newsposters here!).

Enjoy it while it lasts, and we appreciate your support.

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