Neowin 2009: Top five stories of the year

As 2009 comes to a close it's always important to take a look back and see what occurred during the year. For Neowin, it was especially busy as we tracked the release of Windows 7. Everything from how to get your beta key to mapping the differences between release versions was covered by the News Team and below are the top five stories covered this year.

The top five stories on Neowin for 2009:

5. Major bug in Snow Leopard deletes all user data

4. Windows 7 Ultimate cracked and activated with OEM master key

3. Windows 7 public beta released, remember to patch

2. Thousands of Hotmail passwords leaked online

1.'s how to get your Windows 7 beta key

As the year comes to an end, we would like to offer our thanks to you, the readers. The readers are the heart of this site, providing intelligent comments, advice in the forums, and the news tips that keep the front page fresh.

All of us at Neowin wish you the best of luck going into the New Year!

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