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Neowin CS:S Server online and waiting

Neowin Super Moderator blackice912 has, once again, graciously used private funds to provide a 20 man server for everyone to use. The IP address of the server is and should show up as "Neowin Ultimate Gaming Server".

The server is run by blackice912 and bangbang023, with regular visits by other Neowin staffers to help keep the peace. It's a rather vanilla server, to keep it easy to maintain and upgrade, but it's fast and fun for all.

As long as you follow the rules:

  • Neowin Community Rules apply to the server.

  • Please use your Neowin name, if you have one.

  • Respect all other players, friend and foe alike

  • Excessive "hacks!" or similar cries will not be tolerated.

  • Report abuse to blackice912 via PM if no admin is online during your game. Include player name and time and any screenshots if you have them.

  • Please keep teams balanced and fair. If one team is dominating, a top player should switch teams with an opposing player to help level the field.

  • No one is to wear the nw| tag unless officially inducted into the clan.

  • Remember to thank blackice912 for his kindness and remember his say is final.

If you've ever been mad at a staff member, now is your chance to try and kill them and not get banned.

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