Neowin Exclusive: Interview with Justin Uberti

Justin Uberti's "Tales of a Running Man" blog has become a prime news source for developments involving the popular instant message application known as AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). This spotlight only brightened after news broke of an AIM Triton BETA being released to the general public.

Being one of the key people on the development of AIM Triton, I asked Justin if he would be willing to sit down with me for a few moments and answer a few questions regarding AOL Instant Messenger. He was more than kind enough to accept my request. Throughout the interview, Justin is very frank and to the point. With discussion on AIM's past failures and future goals, this is one interview not to be missed.

I must remind everyone the following comments and/or opinions do not neccessarily represent those of Justin's employer, AOL.

View: Neowin Interview

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