Neowin® Field Trip™: New York, New York!

This month sees my first ever trip to the states where Neil (aka ClaymoreFan on the forums) and I will be hitting the Big Apple and harrassing unsuspecting yanks! ;) If you fancy catching up with us we'll be at the Jolly Madison Towers hotel in Manhattan (212-802-0600) between the 12th and 16th March 2003. If you're nice to us we may take a trip down to the nearest gaming café and tank your tail at counterstrike or quake III, have a few beers and talk tech :)

We're looking forward to doing the whole tourist thing, including a trip on the old WWII Aircraft carrier USS Interpid and testing the theory that American chicks dig guys with Scottish accents with hilarious results. Who said giving geeks l337 social sk177z wasn't a good idea?

If enough people show interest we'll arrange a group geekathon with plenty of digicam pics which i promise to publish on neowin as an article when we get back.

Defnitely wanna come? Email me! and we can talk details

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