Neowin Giveaway: Free Subscriptions from June 1st to Oct 1st

Neowin giveaway

To celebrate our tenth year we will be giving away a free subscription every week from June 1st until the 1st of October. The draw will be random and registered members can win a Tier 1 subscription or a Tier 2. Subscriptions have been a part of Neowin for a few years now and they offer enhancements like no flood control on the forums. Two years ago we added a Tier 2 subscription which offers the same enhancements but removed our advertising from all of our pages; the pricing is extremely competitive and is intended more to show your support for Neowin.

Requirements for participation

  • You must be a registered member (it's free to join Neowin).
  • You must be active on the boards at the time of the draw (online & posting).
  • Current subscribers are eligible (and will win an extra year).
  • Staff are excluded from this giveaway.

If a winner is selected already has a Tier 2 subscription in the week we are giving away Tier 1, that member will receive a years extension on their Tier 2 subscription. Tier 1 subscribers who win Tier 2 in the giveaway are immediately upgraded to Tier 2, plus a years extension. No-one loses out!

The draw is completely random, and to make it fair, it will take place during various timezones. The only requirement is that you are online at the time of drawing! Good Luck!

How winners are selected

A staff moderator will be asked to click this link at their chosen time, any time of the week; we have staff on during various timezones to make it even more fair. The link shows "Last Click" by the active members presently logged in and actively posting, viewing or whatever. The idea here is to increase activity in the forums, so a winner may not actually be selected with zero posts who is just using some sort of "refresh every sec" tool; those people will be disqualified!

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