Neowin launches the Graphics Card Rankings List


Today Neowin is launching a brand new feature for everyone here looking to upgrade or purchase a new computer: a Graphics Card Rankings List. Simply put, we're taking performance benchmarks of each of the latest graphics cards on the market and ranking them according to each other’s performance. This is complemented by a price match-up table that will you guys identify what cards are in their price range from the two major manufacturers.

The list currently has over 40 of the most recent graphics cards to hit the market (#1 spot is the HD 6990), and this number will grow as new cards are added when they are released. While we would love to have this list include a comprehensive outline of every graphics card ever released, this would be difficult to maintain, prone to errors and also far too long to view if you want to simply see the latest GPUs.

Neowin’s Graphics Card Rankings List will be personally maintained by myself and will be promptly updated after the release of a new graphics card. I will try to maintain the rankings as accurate as I can, but as I may be prone to errors noticed by other Neowin members, if you would like to correct a mistake (provided you have evidence supporting your claim) please feel free to comment here with your suggestion or email/PM me.

→ You can visit the Graphics Card Rankings List here

Update: We added a section explaning exactly how we calculate the rankings, and in the future we will be providing more information to help guide you in buying a graphics card: including average percentage values to determine exactly how fast a card is over another.

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