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This is the first of what I hope to be the first of many "Member Reviews" round-ups. As our existing members know we have a Member review forum. And now that we have a good selection of them (and growing all the time), I will be doing a weekly round up of my best picks. So if you want to see your review on the main page, get posting maybe it will make next weeks round-up. This should keep you guys busy over the weekends while we wait for the new week full of news & reviews to begin...

Firefox .8

Today I bring you a review of Firefox .8. After sitting here pondering of something to review, again, I thought about some of the applications that I use on a regular basis, as being the best place to start. Their will be 3 groups of people. The first group of people after reading this thread title will say "Oh god not again". The second group will stair at the screen with a dumb founded look and say "Firefox"? What's that? Only to remember yet again, when they open the review up, that the name "Firebird" has been indeed changed to "Firefox". The Third Group will stair at the screen with a dumb founded look and say "Firefox"? What's that? Only to open the review and still have no idea what the heck it is. So to all 3 Groups, enjoy the read!

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Logitech MX700 Wireless optical mouse

I previously owned the Cordless Mouseman Optical, which had a few problems, frequent battery changeouts, signal issues, and some "wake up" issues as well. This mouse is essentially the beefed up version of this, with all of these problems fixed.

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Dell 2001FP, 20" TFT from Dell

First impressions are pretty damn good. I hit a stumbling block straight out of the box though, damn US plug! I had to jet into town and grab a converter, they'd shut the shop and I had to beg to be let in! Anyway, I got it all powered up without being blown up. Very, very, very first impressions are it's not as bright as the Samsung by default. Then after having a little play in the OSD it's set by default to be 50% bright stuck that up to 75% and it's nice, whites are white and blacks are still deep, deep blacks. There's far less ghosting then my Samsung, that being a 25ms monitor and this being a 16ms monitor; when pushed to the very extreme you can still see traces of it but that's me violently throwing my MX700 around

View: Dell 2001FP Review

Neowin Mail Service Review

If you regularly visit Neowin its well worth getting even if you don't really need the email to support But if you are looking for a nice new email account this is the prefect setup for web based and users of mail client based.

View: Neowin Mail Service Review

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