Neowin Member Reviews (#2)

As our existing members know we have a Member review forum. And now that we have a good selection of them (and growing all the time), I will be doing a weekly round up of my best picks. So if you want to see your review on the main page, get posting maybe it will make next weeks round-up. This should keep you guys busy over the weekends while we wait for the new week full of news & reviews to begin...

SPV E200

I was amazed! It comes with everything you need, which is great! Comes with a docking cradle, so you can use that to put files etc onto the phone. This is a major plus for me. I hate buying more accessories when you get a phone! Also comes with HEADPHONES! You dont get those with many handsets either! Comes with an 8mb SD card too, but that stays in the box! The charger stays in the box too, because I charge via USB! Quality!

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Acer Aspire 2001lci

The Acer Aspire 2001lci is a Centrino based laptop (AKA Intel Pentium M processor and Intel Pro/2100 Wireless card). The back of the screen is covered by some sort of metal cover (dont know what its made of, but during the winter it gets really cold), so its not your average plastic laptop case.

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Logitech DiNovo

What can I say, I'm a compulsive buyer. I've bought the DiNovo for 2 reasons; first being that I had geek lust and was yearning after it for ages and secondly because I'm getting a 7610 so I would have needed to buy a bluetooth adapter anyway. So I figured, why not buy a slightly more expensive bluetooth adapter with a kick ass keyboard and mouse connected!

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