Neowin Member Reviews (#3)

As our existing members know we have a Member review forum. And now that we have a good selection of them (and growing all the time), I will be doing a weekly round up of my best picks. So if you want to see your review on the main page, get posting maybe it will make next weeks round-up. This should keep you guys busy over the weekends while we wait for the new week full of news & reviews to begin...

Sony VAIO PCG-TR3A Review

I ordered one of these from about two weeks ago (the original unit I purchased was damaged in shipping so I had to wait for a replacement) and I have finally had several days to play with it. So here is my personal review of it (it's lengthy but there is a bullet point summery at the end)....

View: Sony VAIO PCG-TR3A Review

WordPress versus Movable Type

With the recent outcry over Movable Type's decision to move to a paid model for version 3.0, I thought I would briefly review one of the viable free alternatives for bloggers fleeing from Movable Type. I used Movable Type on my blog until this weekend (the new version has not yet gone public, however) but switched to WordPress after Six Apart's announcement.

View: WordPress versus Movable Type

Dell Dimension XPS

To date, this computer has handled anything and everything I've thrown at it. Games load unbelievably fast and the Radeon 9800XT makes graphics scream. Multimedia applications such as Adobe Photoshop CS, as while as Propellerhead's Reason 2.5 don't bog down the system even while running simultaneously along with dozens of other programs.

View: Dell Dimension XPS

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