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Neowin Member Reviews: iPhone 4 Experiences

It's that time of the weekend again, where we showcase a member submitted review from our forums.

This week instant.human was selected for his very in depth experiences with the iPhone 4. Enjoy!

I bought the iPhone 4 because my iPhone 3G contract was running out and I needed a new phone.
In January of this year, I had a short intermezzo with a Motorola Milestone, which I really liked design-wise. Also, I wanted to try out Android, because I found it interesting to see what it was capable of. I really loved it but I eventually went back to my iPhone 3G. That was not due to the fact that Android was, inferior or anything, because it's not; But I really like polished and good looking UI design and in my experience, most 3rd Party Apps from the Market were not that polished while they certainly did do the job. I was lucky because I had the 3G lying here and I could just return.

However, when my contract ran out, I was thinking about the Galaxy S and the Desire and of course the iPhone 4.
I ended up buying the iPhone, because I got a nice rebate for being a good customer of Germanys exclusive iPhone provider T-Mobile and I just got used to the iPhone way of handling things.

You can now bash me for being biased but I just wanted to get out of the way that I was not only in the market for the iPhone for iPhones sakes.

So I ended up waiting a few days because of very high demand and got the 32GB iPhone 4 black (of course...).

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