Neowin members - I salute you.

First off guys I gotta say that this is a once only feature from the pen of cheekymonkey:

There comes a time at Neowin when a member of staff is equally impressed and proud of the contribution of members: now is such a time.

A heartfelt thanks to gigatexel and [saint dark] and the collection of skinners (what would the name for one of those be? A hide?) who have put together the masterpiece that is classix.

Neowin is rightfully known as a site which is a big part of the visual styles / theming community, and classix is an example of this.

I know I am gushing enough right now but I just wanted to thank the guys for their contribution to Neowin and to give some props back in a place that everyone would see. Also, thanks go to the many members who have contributed to the thread either by way of comments or by creating Classix skins for apps such as Windows Media Player (Ryu7x, who quite rightfully described the project as a 'community work').

GOOD WORK FELLAS!! :D :D That goes out also to the many, many artists who have contributed to the visual styles forums here on Neowin - the greats know who they are. ;)

So, if ya haven't already then go check it out via the link below.

News source: Neowin's Completed Visual Styles Forum

View: View the Classix thread

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