Neowin News - Server Re-install

Howdy Guys & Gals :D This is a heads up to our plans to reinstall the server that we are currently on. Hosttyme have been working the server to find any problems and have come back with a Control Panel reinstall. The developers of our admin interface will be notified on Monday with all the needed data to get started, we will let you know when it goes ahead.

Since we have been on this server we have not seen any downtime, only slow-ups, but this is due to the huge amount of attention that Neowin seems to be getting lately. Today our hits are sitting around 7000 unique connections to the server (as I type this). Our host has been able to confirm this traffic (its not an error with our counter) and is very pleased with how the server is holding up.

So, my question to you is: where are you coming from? How did you find us and what great site is referring us? (we have disabled most logs on the server to compensate for server load)

Anyway.. we will let you know when the re-install takes place, we will be down for a little while but its for the benefit of the good.

Thanks! :D

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