Neowin News: IMPORTANT (Email bans)

Yea, again we have had to get out the leather whip and do a smackdown on what I like to call "lamers" who come to Neowin for the soul purpose of disrupting the forums and its community. So on top of all the other measures we have been forced to implement we have now added a long list of Banned Email addresses

Yep but credit us not! the list (which is long) was compiled by none other than a VB developer and geektalk mod. This list can be found at VBulletin support forums.

I despise having to spend large amounts of my time blocking idiots when I can offer so much more to a community that really does add to the quality of the site and make it what it is today. So Im afraid, free emails are a no-no when signing up now. Current members are unaffected.

Also as a side note, using your private or ISP email is ok on Neowin, you can set it to not display (private) and you can take it from me that Neowin does NOT use your email or personal information for anything other than vbulletin and the news script here on Neowin. The information is not passed or sold to 3rd parties.

Some of our frequent members will know why we have had to implement this and I hope you can understand why this is now needed. (ie: a certain user that signed up no less than FIVE times just to disrupt the forums) Again thanks for your support on this.

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