Neowin News: Viewability! updated

As you may of noticed there are a few new links above the news now, let me explain to you what they are.

Category View | View All News | Headline View | Forums | Search Neowin

Category View - Is the default view and displays Main news only, like its always been.

View All News - Is a new feature and will display ALL of the news from all categories on one page.

Headline View - Is a new feature and displays ALL of the headlines for the past 7 days.

Forums - This one is pretty obvious. LOL

Search Neowin - Will search the whole site and is not up yet.

Again thanks to Tingle for coming through with this additional feature that many have asked for. Again, to view Themes and categorized view and leave comments you do not have to register, making this site as interactive as possible for you, the visitor.

Please let us know what you think.

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