Neowin Poll updated, Results for Doom 3 & HL2 Poll

Well its that time again where we change the poll on our main page, usually because people noticed its served its time or in this case because its a poll on the year 2003. Yep thats right -last year.

The results show Half Life 2 to be a clear winner despite the problems with Valve's unpopular (to many) Steam program that will most likely be used exclusively for online multiplayer, subscriptions and updates.

The new poll is another current events poll and in the sign of the times we should be asking ourselves the question: When will we be sending a manned mission to Mars. Just like in the early sixties when we had Moon Mania now we have a Mars mania albeit not so big as the announcement Pres. JFK made on a manned mission to the moon. We at Neowin are interested in your opinion and who knows we might have an indirect influence somewhere. I'd sure like to see a manned mission to Mars in my lifetime! Below are a couple of links to recent pictures sent back from Mars.

View: Images of Mars @ Planetary Photo Journal

View: Spirit progress @ Nasa (press room)

Screenshot: Mars landscape from Spirit Mothership landing point

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