Neowin Review: Coolermaster Aerogate II

With PC modding becoming more mainstream, Neowin has taken the opportunity to review one of the simplest, yet often most beneficial, modificications you can make to your PC. The product we are looking at today is Aerogate II fan controller by Coolermaster. Here is a small excerpt from our review:

"You can tell that Coolermaster have spent a lot of time designing the packaging to both protect the product and make it pleasing on the eye. Once inside the box and past the reassuring amount of foam padding, you will find the Aerogate II inside a plastic bag. This is necessary because part of the front panel is metallic silver and attracts marks (such as fingerprints) rather easily."

Click the link below to read the review in full.

View: Neowin Review: Coolermaster Aerogate II

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