Neowin Review: iPod Shuffle

This is the first in a series of articles looking at iPods, and iPod accessories. We plan to look at the wide range of items available on the market, and see what rocks. And perhaps what does not. We hope you'll find them informative; first up is a look at the popular iPod Shuffle!

Apple's latest MP3 player, the iPod Shuffle, may lack some of the key features of it's larger brother, but does this affect the overall iPod experience? Take a look at our review to find out.

"Controlling the iPod Shuffle is very similar to any other iPod. You have Play/Pause, Previous and Next track, as well as a volume control on a circle under your thumb. This makes browsing your playlist extremely easy and is one of the iPod's greatest strengths. On the rear you have a slider which governs the play mode of your iPod. There are three settings: Off, Playlist and Shuffle. Playlist mode will play your songs in the order you transferred them, whereas Shuffle will play them in random order."

View: Apple iPod Shuffle Review | Official Website

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