Neowin Server Tweaking

I want to extend a personal thanks to James of PCHost4U who hosts and administers ieXbeta. He has offered to help us look over the server and its configuration since we were still experiencing some teething problems. He has done a few things some being installing PHP Accelerator and mod_gzip and tweaked the config files.

We recently moved from our IPS Server to our own paid one but like all things we ran across some teething problems even though our configuration was "mirrored" from our identical IPS Rackshack server. James quickly offered his assistance as he manages a few Rackshack servers and is the server admin at ieXbeta. While we might not always get along with IEXBeta I do feel this is a good enough reason to put previous problems firmly behind us and look to a better future where we can work together.

So hopefully we are sorted now, thanks James. Give PCHost4U and ieXbeta a visit and again thanks to all our valuable members and the our fellow affiliates who support us, even on server level!

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