Neowin Talks Security with Microsoft

With the recently released Service Pack 2 for Windows XP we at Neowin wanted to know more about Microsoft's security commitments to their customers.

We recently had the chance to ask Microsoft a few questions on the subject of how successful Windows XP SP2 has been and the future of security improvements.

Here's a snip:

Q: How is NGSCB progressing and will it be a part of Longhorn?

A: We are evolving NGSCB in a direction that we believe will provide broader value to customers and partners. We are still focused on delivering secure computing technologies (that utilize new hardware) in the Longhorn timeframe. Longhorn is the target for NGSCB. That said, Microsoft wants to make absolutely sure that we are delivering a high quality security product. If we are confident that NGSCB meets and exceeds the quality and security standards that Microsoft has set then we will ship it as part of Longhorn.

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