Neowin Upgrade to IP.Board 2.2.1

We are in the process of porting over to Invision Power Board 2.2.1. This will take place on the live site shortly.

The new version of IP.Board brings more new features and we have also successfully moved over our own enhancements like member-name (color) formatting across the board and news comments. The auto-warn reduction system has also been re-implemented.

We have spent the time testing and porting over our board theme and hacks at our beta site and we are confident that everything is ready to be moved over. This does not include Shift for the forums, this project will be restared after the upgrade to 2.2.1.

Timan has done a fantastic job of porting over Swift (the default board theme) it is lighter and more compliant and literally everything has been taken into account. We have also even got a new default button set thanks to our coder Rob.

So if you see the board offline between now and the 1st of January, the reason is due to this upgrade.

Thanks for your patience on this matter.

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