Sunday Round Up

Hope everyone is enjoying the easter weekend.. I know i am (sort) after I for some unknown reason (well prolly because mums doing that whole spring cleaning thing) i had a clearout of old computer parts and stuff which had my cupboard bursting to the gunnels. I've chucked up on most of it on e-bay and Amazon Marketplace. My handle on there isnt very creative "L337dude" but meh...whatcha gonna do :) The most bizarre thing i found was a toy dumper truck still in its packaging. I wont post the auction link here as Neobond would probably do unspeakable horrors so if you want it e-mail or PM me and i'll send you the link. What the hell it was doing in my cupboard is beyond me. Life truely is a bizare thing:


Lets get started with a link for all you "bah thats old news" boys. :P to you

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View: Wacky E-mail Address? We shall not be proceeding any further with your application.

Neowin Forums

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Review of the Day

View: Creative Inspire 5200 5.1 Speaker

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