Neowin's Strange News of the Week: Note to self.....

I am continually amazed at criminals. Really. I mean, where else can you find someone smart enough to do some of the things they do to pull off a crime, yet dumb enough to get caught in the most obvious ways?

This week's Strange News focuses on just that. In Pensacola Florida, Artemio Castillo, 49, and Ernesto Garcia, 41 needed a ride to Mississippi. There was just one small catch. They didn't have a car. So at around 7:00 PM, they wandered to a Parade gas station figuring they could hitch a ride with someone. They asked an employee just coming to work, Vince Nguyen if they could hitch a ride. Nguyen told them no, as he was just arriving for work. So, instead of taking a bus or cab or whatever, they decided "Hey...lets steal one!"

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