Neowin's Strange News of the Week: Oh Noes! Rudolph's Dead!

There are a couple of things that just make me laugh about this week's submission.

I found out that in Denmark, there are many 'professional' Santa Clauses. That made me wonder what these people thought when they were younger.

"Hmmm. Should I go to school to be an accountant, or Santa Claus?"

It also makes me wonder what exactly one would do if they became a professional Santa Claus. What would their business cards look like? Would they have a boss? Is there a heirarchy of Santa Clausdom? What's the pay like? Are there prerequisites to become a professional Claus? I mean...what if you had everything nailed down, but you just weren't real jolly?

Oh the lines of text one could use up thinking of all the potential laughs, but I digress. There's a story here somewhere.

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