Neowin's top five most read stories of 2011

It's hard to believe that 2011 is coming to an end and it is that time again to take a look back at the top stories from this year. It is with little surprise that Windows 8 news took 3 of the top 5 stories for the year with a source code leak and a Facebook exploit rounding out the complete list.

5) In what will be a general theme for the top five stories, leaked images of Windows 8 were among the top posts for the year. The new operating system from Microsoft has been generating a lot of buzz and any leak related to it attracted a lot of attention. The fifth most popular story on Neowin was: Windows 8 taskbar update leaks out in another image

4) Everyone and their grandmother is on Facebook, so when an exploit surfaces that allows you to bypass some of its security features, it is a huge deal. A simple exploit allowed anyone to view nearly any private photo album on Facebook which lands the following story at the number 4 spot for the year: Facebook photo exploit allows you to view any album

3) Taking it back to Redmond, Windows 8 ribbon UI brought in a lot of love and hate for the interface. While not entirely new as it was first debuted in the Office products, the ribbon UI is coming to Windows 8: Microsoft Testing ribbon UI in Windows 8

2) Anytime a source code leaks out it is a big deal. When the source code of an anti-virus software hits the web, it's a huge deal, which is why Kasperskys anti-virus source code leaks to sites came in as the second most popular story on Neowin. 

1) But to come in at the number one spot, the news must be of gigantic proportions. When the first build of Windows 8 leaked out, Neowin was possibly the first news outlet to cover the leak which rocketed the story to the top of our list. Windows 8 Build 7850 Leaks Out was not only the top story for the year, but it was also the start of many future leaks that would allow enthusiasts to get an early peak at what Microsoft was working on. 

What will 2012 bring? While it is safe to say new Apple hardware, a Google Nexus device (or three), some new Windows Phone hardware and software and a host of other devices, at least for Neowin, the big topic will be Windows 8. With a beta landing in late February, all eyes will be on Microsoft to see when the final product will hit store shelves. 

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