Netflix for Android coming

As the Android platform continues to see an ever expanding base of users, more and more companies are eyeing the potential to invest into Google’s popular mobile operating system. Netflix this week posted a job listing for an “Android Video Playback Expert” to help them develop an app for the platform.

As described in the new listing, Netflix is looking for “a great engineer to help us build Instant Streaming client implementations on Android devices.” Netflix on Android is just one more platform in their growing arsenal of supported playback devices. They brought out an iPad app for the launch last week and confirmed iPhone support in a proceeding blog post. Microsoft also demonstrated Netflix on their new Windows Phone 7 operating system back in March.

Netflix is the world’s largest online and physical subscription service for movies and TV shows. With a monthly $8.99 fee, members can watch unlimited TV shows and movies through their DVD or Blu-Ray player, video game console, internet-enabled computer, or through other Netflix instant watch devices

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