Netflix in discussions with Disney to retain Star Wars and Marvel films past 2019

It was only earlier this week when Disney announced during an earnings call that it would be pulling movies from Netflix and instead placing them on its own service starting in 2019. While there is still quite some time before that happens, it looks like Netflix isn't ready to let things go so easily and is reportedly in "active discussions" with Disney in order to try and retain Marvel and Star Wars films after 2019.

When Netflix first started its streaming service it had an abysmal library of titles. In its formative stages, it was more about giving customers something to watch, while they were waiting for their physical DVDs in the mail. But, over time, the firm was able to secure contracts with various content partners to bolster its offerings, and eventually spin it off as its own paid service. The firm understood early on that at some point, companies might be apprehensive about licensing their content or that it might cost quite a bit of money. Because of this, it started to create its own original content and has now successfully produced many shows that have garnered positive reception from viewers and reviewers alike.

Naturally, only time will tell whether Netflix will be able to secure rights to Marvel and Star Wars films, but if it can navigate those waters, it should be an extremely fruitful investment for subscribers.

Source: Reuters

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