Netflix to offer TV shows from Discovery Channel

The Netflix streaming video service is starting to make new content deals with other companies. Reuters reports that the company has secured a two year deal with Discovery Communications that will allow Netflix to stream older seasons of many of the TV shows shown on Discovery's many cable TV networks including Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet, ID: Investigation Discovery, Science and Military Channel. This is the first time that the company has offered any of its TV shows, such as Man Vs Wild and River Monsters, via a streaming video service. Financial terms of this deal were not disclosed.

Netflix is in need of some good news. The company announced late on Sunday that it was separating the streaming video business from its older mail order DVD rental business, which will now go by the name of Qwikster. This new announcement has not pleased long time subscribers for both services who will now have two separate charges on their credit or debit card when the new Qwikster is launched later this year. Investors are also not happy; The Washington Post reports that Netflix's stock price plunged again on Tuesday, down over 9 percent, and is now at a 52 week low.

And if that wasn't enough, reports that the previously rumored new streaming video service from Dish Network and its new subsidiary Blockbuster Video is getting ready to make its plans official. The companies will reveal details about its own rival to Netflix on Friday.

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