NetGear announces WiFi Booster for Mobile

We have seen WiFi extender products before, but they tend to be both expensive and sometimes a pain to set up. Today, NetGear announced a new product that promises to offer a boost to your home WiFi network that's both cheap and easy to use.

The product is the WiFi Booster for Mobile and according to NetGear's press release, it's being made specifically to help boost the WiFi signals for tablets, smartphones and e-readers (although we suspect it can be used for laptops and desktops as well).

The design of the WiFi Booster for Mobile is made so it can be connected to a home electrical socket. The final work is handled by a web browser based set up so no CD disc is required. The device's LED lights allow users to pace the booster in the right place in the home.

While the device is made by NetGear, the company said that it will work with any WiFi router or gateway, including those made by Belkin, Linksys, and D-Link. The price of the WiFi Booster for Mobile product is just $39.99.

The big question about this product is its range. So far, NetGear has yet to offer any information on that front. Hopefully we will learn more when it is released later this summer.

Source: NetGear press release | Image via NetGear

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