New 1TB Playstation 4 model is using older, outdated hardware

Last June, Sony unveiled a second base SKU for the Playstation 4, offering an upgraded internal storage capacity, out of the box. The new model housed a 1TB internal hard drive, which doubled the storage available for games and content, in comparison to the standard 500GB model offered since launch. This has left two base models of the Playstation 4 available on shelves.

Alongside this announcement, Sony also detailed a revision of the Playstation 4 hardware, which aimed to improve some of the minor flaws found since release. According to TechRadar, the newer 1TB model is in fact not using this new hardware, and instead the older configuration sold at launch, packed with an upgraded hard drive.

The newer 'CUH-1200' version of the console, reduces the power consumption both when playing games, and in rest mode. Rest mode is a standby state the Playstation 4 can be left in, and allows updates and installs to continue, even when the console is not currently being used. The latest edition of the Playstation 4 reduces power consumption by up to 36% when in this state, and 25% when in full use. As a result, with a lower level of power being drawn, the 'CUH-1200' model also runs drastically cooler, and without this heat, ventilation is quieter. Other smaller tweaks include more compact components, weighing less than their older counterparts, and a minor aesthetic redesign. Overall, this revision has left the older 'CUH-1100' model almost obsolete, since for the same price, this improved setup is being offered.

Reports are now claiming that the new 1TB model is in fact not using the revised hardware, but instead using version 'CUH-1100' which was abandoned months ago. From the timing of these changes, it is likely Sony is dealing with a backlog of older hardware, which has to be re-purposed.

For those looking to pick up a Playstation 4 in the near future, it may be a wise choice choosing the 500GB edition, or waiting until the current stock of the 1TB model has been refreshed. Even though some of the changes from CHU-1100 to CHU-1200 may be small, the enticing 1TB model may be best left alone.

Currently, the Playstation 4 does not offer external storage support unlike the Xbox One, however the internal hard drive can easily be replaced. With game install sizes massively increasing, a 500GB model can be easily filled, therefore going about an expansion with a second internal drive may be the safer bet.

Source: TechRadar | Images: Sony

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