New Aliens vs. Predator game due 2010

Good news for the fans of the old Aliens vs. Predator game back in the 90's, Sega has just announced that a new game based on the series will be out in 2010. The developers of the game, Rebellion, have rightly called the original game a, "legendary title that went on to define an entire generation of multiplayer gaming."

Unfortunately, for those looking forward to the Aliens: Colonial Marines FPS, it has been said that, "With the opportunity to publish what promises to be a landmark game, SEGA has strategically updated the release of the other upcoming Aliens titles currently in development within its portfolio." In English: any other Aliens-based games won't be out for a while either.

Naoya Tsurumi, CEO of Sega West, has stated that by pushing back the releases to the other games in development, they have ensured that the games will live up to the expectations of the eager fans.

There are no details on the game, as according to Sega, the announcement was mainly based on their partnership with Rebellion. There will be more information shortly.

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