New Chrome beta includes credit card AutoFill, is this wise?

Google said on Wednesday that it has introduced a new beta of Chrome that includes an AutoFill feature.

Chrome users have long demanded an AutoFill feature for the browser but is including a credit card AutoFill feature wise? Apple was recently stung by a severe AutoFill bug allowing malicious hackers to steal any AutoFill information from Safari. What's to say Google won't be affected by such an issue in future? Allowing users the ability to store credit card information inside a browser will likely add a new incentive for hackers and scammers to break the implementation. What happens in a years time when the EU is investigating Google for "accidentally" collecting credit card information?

Asides from the AutoFill feature Google has also added the ability to sync your Chrome extensions as well as your Autofill data (excluding credit card numbers) through your Google Account. Google has also made some minor tweaks to the Chrome UI. Chrome beta includes a streamlined upper toolbar, more approachable Omnibox and all Chrome options in a single menu. Google hopes it makes Chrome feel more simple.

Chrome beta also includes better performance. There's a 15% speed improvement on the V8 benchmark, and a 15% improvement on the SunSpider benchmark, both of which measure JavaScript performance. If you're interested in testing Chrome beta then make sure you're subscribed to the beta channel.

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